Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Intro to Linux

I've been lax in blogging, but my new courses at TMCC will give me an excuse (more like requirement) to use my blog again. HUZZAH!

The seven things you don't need to know about me;
1) I have been separated from my husband nearly as long as I've been married.
2) I spend months each year planning, working on, and building a Theme Camp for Burning Man.
3) I am ambidextrous, particularly at the computer, but occasionally it leads me to not be able to figure out whether I am left or right handed during a task, or to be unable to tell if words are written backwards or forwards.
4) I have been a skier for the majority of my life and enjoy it so much I have spent winters as an instructor.
5) I have a '68 Ford Mustang that I had painted Tahoe Turquoise from original Ford paint samples.
6) My cat's name is Ash and I give him the majority of credit for my success working on the Obama Campaign in 2008.
7) I frequently and deliberately attempt random new recipes with little-to-no forethought.